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Kremke Breeze

Samenstelling: 61% zijde, 39% wol
1 bol: 100m/50g
Breinaalden: 5-6 mm
Proeflapje: 15 st. = 10 cm
Benodigdheden voor een damestrui maat M: 400g
Wasvoorschriften: handwas

Over Kremke Breeze: Breeze is exactly what it is called: a light breeze in summer. The 19 micron superfine merino wool is embedded by shimmering mulberry silk. This material combination melts into a super soft all year round yarn for beginners and advanced knitters. The special spinning method, that looks like a knitted chain, ensures high elasticity despite the silk portion in the yarn. The long yardage with the thick needle size creates airy light fabrics and reduces the consumption of yarn. And: It is really machine washable - tested by the boss herself! The piece keeps its shape and the special look and super fluffy feel stays the same as before washing. 

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